Sandi Ross Awards 2022

Award-winning writer, producer and television/radio host Amanda Parris and Toronto-based entertainment agency Jesse Griffiths Casting Inc. are the recipients of the 2022 Sandi Ross Awards in recognition of their commitment to inclusion on screen.

Left to right: ACTRA Toronto President David Gale; Leah Galloway (Jesse Griffiths Casting); Tanu Ravi
(Jesse Griffiths Casting); Jesse Griffiths; Amanda Parris; Chattrisse Dolabaille; Janet Rose Nguyen

The awards were presented in early 2023 by ACTRA Toronto Diversity & Inclusion Committee co-chairs Chattrisse Dolabaille and Janet Rose Nguyen.

Amanda Parris is a creatively gifted member of our Canadian storytelling community who uses her platform to fight for racial equity and uplift Canadian artists and Black voices.

“Amanda provides a unique perspective that encourages each of us to do our part in examining the world we live in, with all its complexities and contradictions. The need to see true reflections onscreen of this complex world we live in is one that most everyone is aware of, but not everyone demonstrates the same commitment to that need that Amanda does.”

Chattrisse Dolabaille

Jesse Griffiths Casting has been an active community member in the push for diversity and inclusion. Jesse and his team are consistently generous with their time, ideas, expertise and giving back to the community.

“Since the events of the Black Lives Matter movement and awakening in 2020, the group has really ‘walked the walk’ in creating a safe and inclusive casting community and pushing for diversity on our screens.”

Janet Rose Nguyen

Watch the presentation below:

Each year, ACTRA Toronto’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee celebrates one individual and one company/organization whose work demonstrates a commitment to inclusion on screen by honouring them with a Sandi Ross Award. For more information about the awards, including past recipients, visit

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