Welcome to Performers Magazine – ACTRA Toronto’s digital magazine! Performers Magazine delivers content aimed at Ontario’s professional performers and its screen-based industry through member-written contributions.

ACTRA Toronto is the largest organization within ACTRA, representing over 15,000 of Canada’s 28,000 professional performers working in recorded media in Canada. As an advocate for Canadian culture since 1943, ACTRA is a member-driven union that continues to secure rights and respect for the work of professional performers.

The views expressed in unsolicited and solicited articles in Performers Magazine are not necessarily the views of ACTRA Toronto, its council or editorial committee. The presence of an advertisement in Performers Magazine does not imply ACTRA Toronto’s endorsement of the advertised company or product.

A message from ACTRA Toronto President and Performers Magazine Publisher, David Gale

I am extremely proud of the work our writers, Editorial Committee, staff, photographers and designers put into publishing our digital magazine content.

Together, we produce articles that are timely, relevant and topical.

Performers Magazine is your hub to find union-relevant journalism featuring content that is dynamic, interactive, and environmentally friendly.

David Gale
President, ACTRA Toronto
Publisher, Performers Magazine

A message from Performers Magazine Editor, Joy Tanner

Welcome to the new Performers Magazine! As editor, I’m so proud to showcase everything
ACTRA. And that’s you: the reader, the performer, the ACTRAvist. From humble roots as a
mimeographed, hand-stapled pamphlet to a full-on glossy publication, pivoting away from paper
to Performers Online and now, our newest, elegant iteration, Performers Magazine.

We have something for everyone. A hub for ongoing Union work, a place to spotlight our talent,
information on advocacy and committee work (and yes, we want you to participate!), industry
partnerships and timely issues affecting members. This is a place to learn about the workings of
your Union and to celebrate what makes us unique. You!

Joy Tanner
Editor, Performers Magazine


ACTRA Toronto members are storytellers who have a long, proud history of getting our union performers’ stories out to our members in words and pictures. Our publications have taken several forms and have been reimagined multiple times over the years:

The Performer (1984)
The Branch Line (1992/93)
Performers 2003
Performers (2020)

Each iteration reflected its time. In 2019, we introduced Performers Online, ACTRA Toronto’s first online publication, where members continued to find the same member-driven, industry-focused, union journalism but in a more responsive, accessible, and interactive digital form. In 2023, we introduced performersmagazine.com, which features the same great content but in an updated, more user-friendly format.

One thing has not changed, our digital publication continues to provide great stories by members, for members.


What are the benefits of Performers Magazine?

Performers Magazine is available 24/7 across any device for ACTRA Toronto members to learn more about their union, the industry and the life of a professional performer wherever they are, and whenever and however they want. A digital magazine allows ACTRA Toronto to post content without the time delay of a print publication and with no space limitations. Publishing online is also far more environmentally friendly – no trees, no ink, no mail trucks – and more economic, so it not only reduces pressure on landfill but also on members’ dues!

What’s in Performers Magazine?

Readers will find member-driven, industry-focused content in Performers Magazine relevant to a professional, unionized performer. This includes messages from the president, articles from ACTRA Toronto committees, union news, articles about the business of performing and industry explainers. Plus, information about the numerous ACTRA Toronto and industry events.

How will I know when new content has been posted?

There are several ways to keep informed about what’s new in Performers Magazine. Follow ACTRA Toronto on social (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) for updates about new content. If you are an ACTRA Toronto member, keep an eye on your inbox for E-blasts featuring new, important content. Also, you can check the site regularly for new content!

How do I navigate the site?

New articles are posted to the homepage in chronological order below the “ACTRA Toronto Members in the Spotlight” section. Articles are also organized by topic and can be found within the sections listed in the top menu (Your Union, Events, On Set, Advocacy, Perspectives, Partnerships, Podcast). You can also search for articles using the search tool, which is located in the top menu section.

Who can write for Performers Magazine?

Any ACTRA Toronto member may submit content to Performers Magazine. Send your pitch or article to editor@actratoronto.com. All ideas will be considered by the Editorial Committee. If you are sending a pitch and the Editorial committee is unfamiliar with your writing, you will be asked to provide a writing sample. If the article is approved, it will be edited by one of ACTRA Toronto’s editors. You will be asked to provide a short biography and a photo to accompany the piece. Writers receive a small honorarium per published word. There is no guarantee your piece will be published. An outline of the process and the Editorial Committee’s expectations is E-mailed to writers. To receive a copy, please E-mail jmcgibbon@actratoronto.com.

Can I say whatever I want in my article?

No. You can’t swear, for example, or defame anyone. Also, “ACTRA Toronto reserves the right to edit or omit any material for length, style, content or potential legal ramifications. The views expressed are not necessarily the views of ACTRA Toronto, its Council or the Editorial Committee.”

Who can read my article if it’s published?

Anyone. Like most websites, if you can find it, you can read it. Producers can read it. Casting Directors can read it. Agents can read it. Fans can read it. Therefore, style, grammar and the wisdom to say things that demonstrate solidarity with your sibling union performers are more critical than ever.

What type of content does the Editorial Committee want?

In general, the Editorial Committee is looking for information that is of interest to the membership as a whole and is expressed in a third-person reportage style. Your personal journey is likely better suited to your own website.

Can I post obituaries and remembrances in Performers Magazine?

Obituaries are housed on a dedicated In Memoriam page on actratoronto.com. Submit an obituary with a photo of an ACTRA Toronto member to jmcgibbon@actratoronto.com.

Can I still read past issues of the printed Performers Magazine?

Yes. Digital versions of the print publications are available to read in the Print Archive.